Glastar Fast Start Kit For Sale

A couple of years ago we had the good fortune to come across a late model Glastar Fast Start kit.  I don't know exactly where it was in the production run, but I am pretty sure that it is one of the last Glastars to come from Glasair before production shifted over to the Sportsman.

The kit has been through several hands since leaving the factory.  It even spent some time in Canada.  Ironically it has now come home to where is was built as it is back at the Arlington, WA airport just a few hundred yards from where it was first produced.


Whilst in Canada it had a Subaru engine installed.  It appears that the entire firewall forward was completed.  Why firewall forward was done first instead of last I have no idea, perhaps the owner had a perfect opportunity for a firewall forward package at the time.  By the time we got the airplane, all of the firewall forward was gone.  No problem, we wouldn't have wanted it with a  Subaru engine on it anyway.  The good news, though, was that a lot of work had been done and it was in a condition to be able to inspect everything.

The wings were mostly finished and probably could have had the top skins riveted on, but we wanted to make a few mods, so took all of that apart.  The list of mods that were either completed or started is shown below.

  • Large cargo door mod - Complete

  • Convert from trike to conventional gear orientation - complete

  • Install T-3 tail wheel - almost complete (wedge needed)

  • Add tall / heavy duty main landing gear - complete

  • Upgrade to 6 inch wheels - complete (new tires should probably be installed before flight)

  • Add vent kit - complete

  • Add Sportsman flaps - about 50% (needs cove ribs installation completed, new tab at handle fabricated)

In addition to the base kit, there are a few extras as well:

  • Aux. Fuel tanks

  • Header tanks

  • Dynon autopilot servos and wiring kits and mounting plate.

  • Comes with both Glastar flaps and Sportsman flaps

Kit is mostly complete, but there are a few items missing.  The biggest item that I am aware of that is missing is the glare shield.

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